Sunday, June 01, 2008

Sleeping Bitches

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Sleep Assault

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Advantage Over Sleeping Girls

It's time for Night Invasion movies. On this video gorgeous blond girl unexpectedly falls asleep. She better doesn't because our perverted stranger is always ready to film a new sleeping bitch with his very special "night invasion" camera.


Friday, May 16, 2008

New Sleeping Fetish Blog

Check this out! Friend of mine started this sleeping sex blog. Streaming sleeping videos, galleries and many more.

Sleep Fuck Blog

Thursday, May 15, 2008

SleepSins Gallery

SleepSins presents! Now girls assault sleeping men!
Vivian is playing in a scavenger hunt and needed to get a pair of boxers so she figured she could grab a pair from the man next door with out him fiding out. As she was in his room he walked in to take a nap so she figured she could hide under the bed and not get caught. But after he feel asleep she had a sudden urge to try and fuck this guy while he was passed out. This guy must have been pretty tired because she ends up sucking and fucking this guys brains out.


Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sleep Assault Movies

This guy was very lucky that it was his young housekeeper who he found laying there rather than his wife who was out shopping at the time, but because this petite girl hasn't had much experience in sex before and she decided that this guy was going to help her out getting used to fucking.
Step inside and discover a world where the wet dreams you’ve been having are actually closer to
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Sunday, May 11, 2008

Sleeping Sex


Cyndia often had these sleazy dreams, but the second she woke up she couldn’t clearly understand whether it was a dream she had had with 2 solid guys fucking the shit out of her pussy or everything was for real. Her mind was still overloaded with intense emotions and dirty thoughts…She went to the kitchen and realized that it was no dream, but reality at the sight of sleeping-draught package on the table…!!

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Look at this babe!

I can't believe she is so innocent. She sleeps and can do nothing while this bustard is fucking her ass.

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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Night Invasion

These sleepingbitch watched and fucked while she's sleeping.
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Friday, January 27, 2006

New Hot SleepingBitch Fucked

Whenever a girl is having headaches, whenever she’s feeling bad, she always swallows some pill to ease the pain. But this time it’s not about easing the pain with these men around. The pain will go away as well as these babes will pass out for some time. First these men get ravished and once the last drops of sperm are out of their cocks, these chicks awake…!!

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Friday, January 06, 2006

SleepingBitch Story

Do dreams come true?
It was really the day Mary dreamed of. Or, was it not? She is still in doubts even now-
Here is her story, just as she reconstructed it herself.
It happened several days ago. Mary was walking back home from work at a restaurant, when she saw Him. He was going in the opposite direction and their eyes met. Tall, strong and handsome. And she saw the same rating in his eyes - she was pretty. They looked at each other, and then he- went past her. She closed her eyes "please god, don't let it go, let me-". "Excuse me, eh-", soft voice from behind seemed hesitation, not knowing what to expect. She stopped, without turning back. "Miss? I- just wanted to say that you are very attractive. Have a nice day" - she heard footsteps going further. "Mister- I find you very handsome." She didn't turn around, but heard him stop and coming back. "Peter". "Mary". "Care for a walk?" "Too tired for that. Come to my place tomorrow at 11". She gave him her address and went home. She didn't turn back to see the reaction to this strange intimate invitation. But she knew he would come - they wanted the same.

The next day Mary began preparing for the special date, when suddenly- "Mary, please! Helen is in the hospital, and today it the special party, there is no one to work, you will be paid extra, please come to work right away". She came, and she worked, and she looked at the time, and thought of how she would look after 14 hours of cooking and baking and-
It was 10:30, when she ran out of the restaurant and rushed into her house, changed over and placed the dishes into the microwave and sat on the sofa and closed her eyes and- That's about it. No?

She forgot to close the front door. So when Peter came, rang the bell and tried to open the door, he succeeded. It was silent in the hall, he smelled something tasty in the kitchen, went there, but still - found nobody. "Mary, where are you? It's Peter, remember me?" he walked around the house, looking for hostess and after knocking entered the bedroom. Mary was lying on the bed, beautiful and sleeping, just like in the fairy tale. He came closer and shook her a bit, but she was still sleeping. At the first feeling of her warm body his fantasies began running wild. He observed her body: long legs, half-covered with the dress, appetizing breasts without a bra, pleasant neck- He called her name several more times, when dared to put his hand on her waist. Going lower and lower, he reached what he was looking for. Carefully lifting the dress, he saw no underwear-

"The girl prepared nicely for our first date- I don't want to wake her up, but don't want to leave her unsatisfied either- I think I have an idea" - he said this in a soft voice, lifting the dress higher, and soon her legs and pubis were all his to enjoy. He kissed them softly and gently, then reached the neatly-shaven pubis. Peter spread her legs a bit and touched her slit with his tongue - Mary sighed and bent out. Peter was scared for a second, but as he saw that she liked it, began rubbing her clit with his fingers, inserting them into her moistening pussy. With another hand he squeezed her tits, feeling the nipples harden. Still asleep, Mary spread her legs even more, exposing her to the new lover. And this was the final drop: Peter undid his pants and gently lay on Mary, touching her only with his mighty cock. With one hand he helped himself inserting it into her, very slowly penetrating her inch after inch - she was definitely enjoying it, or whatever she saw in her dreams. Without any sound Peter began making slow strokes, back and forth. Mary was very wet at this time, with every push her inner juices were dripping on the bed and on his balls.

Such fantastic experience couldn't hold Peter much longer, with his tip's every touch of her inner walls, he was ready to burst, but he gave his word to- Mary breathed more frequent with every stroke. It was obvious she was about to cum, but not yet- Peter raised the pace, hitting hard Mary's cunt. She lay there helpless and innocent, but Peter could feel how much pleasure she received from this act.
This exotic sex continued for nearly an hour, with loud breath and rare moans. Peter couldn't keep much longer, when he felt that her hungry pussy began to shrink faster and faster, her moans were like screaming and at one moment - she collapsed with an outstanding orgasm. And when Peter finally released himself, Mary was dying in a second, then the third wave of orgasms-

She opened her eyes. It was morning. She looked around and- burst into tears: "It was just a fucking dream! Oh no-"
But there was a hat. Strange modern hat was on the sofa in the hall. "He will come back for it. And I'll be waiting - just to say thanks".


Thursday, December 08, 2005

SLEEPing Bitch Sex

Men always get what the want! Even if they have to break the rules and morale principals for that! This site is ready to prove it! Treacherous men with wicked desires are loading these babes with sleeping pills and drugs with the one and only purpose! To be in control of these delicious chicks! Best ever reality site with exclusive materials only!!!

Monday, December 05, 2005

Drunk SleepingBitch

It never takes us long to talk a chick into some dirty lurvin’. It’s even easier to get some drunk slut to come with us and spread her nice legs for some big cock! Just give her some more booze, dude, and she’s yours! Pop by at to watch just another silly cunt get drunk and nasty!

Friday, December 02, 2005

Sex while sleeping?

Check this sleeping sex discussions at Glamour Forums
I was just wondering if this happens to any of you.

Have any of you started to have sex while you were sleeping? It sound's weird ,Hell it might be! Last night I woke up and my husband and i were getting ready to have sex.I dont know if I think Im dreaming and just go along or what. Im not complaining!!! It's justkinda weird sometimes.

My husband has done it while I've been asleep a few times. I eventually wake up and its great. Sometimes I think he feels me up when I'm asleep too, I find things out of place.

Nice Sleepingbitch Fucked

Some girls think that it was just a bad dream! But it wasn’t! The time for their nightmares to come true has come! The time for them to get fucked wildly with faint smiles on has come! They are sleeping and have no idea what is happening to them at the moment! Frenzied sex with hottest and sluttiest sleeping babes!!!

Sunday, November 27, 2005

Sleeping Porn Gallery

A real nightmare has finally come true for them!
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Friday, November 25, 2005


Well, and again sleepingbitch gallery! You like it?

Saturday, November 19, 2005

Chloroformed Sleep

Girls love wine! Girls love romantics with wine and candles! And treacherous men are always ready to add some chemicals and drugs into the wine these sluts are drinking to have them deep asleep seconds after they drain the glass! These sleeping sluts remember nothing when they wake up! And they shouldn’t! Because it was like a worst nightmare brought to life! ENTER SleepingBitch

Friday, November 18, 2005

That's What I Call Real SleepySex

She was having a terrible headache all day long. In the end she asked for her friends to see her off. The second she entered her place the pain was already absolutely unbearable and she simply passed out right on the floor. 2 friends stared at each other for a while and with a faint smile on carried her into the bedroom… SleepingBitch!!

Thursday, November 17, 2005

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She came with her friends to her place and went to take a 10-minutes nap. But this hot chick was too exhausted and tired. She was that tired that didn’t even feel them fucking her in earnest. All of her cracks were stuffed with their cocks and she still felt absolutely nothing! She even didn’t know about it…

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Wednesday, November 16, 2005

Sleeping Sluts

Sleeping sluts are always pleasant to fuck with. They don’t twitch, don’t protest or else! They are most obedient and one can do anything he wants with them. Anal, oral, double and even triple fucking! Until the girl is unconscious, she’s ready for everything!

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Monday, November 14, 2005

New SleepingBitch Galleries

Thanks to I am glad to post new galleries! Enjoy!

Guys always want girls to get drunk! The heavier - the better! But now with girls never drinking that much to get totally drunk and be ready for everything, new lewd methods are invented! Soporific, drugs, liquid ammonia, chlorine and more! Girls are not ready for it as well as they are not ready for what happens to them after they pass out…

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Just Sleeping Porn!

She is drunk, she is sleeping, and she is brutally fucked! What else can I say? Check it here:

Drunken hole
Drunken holeDrunken hole

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